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Five of his earliest Revelations:

Some great wisdom that works in life just as well as business. From the man, Dan Kennedy.

Here they are, not necessarily in priority order. Paraphrased and interpreted, not verbatim. The first and foremost five factual principles…

From: Earl Nightingale: The majority – the masses – are nearly always wrong about everything, especially behavior, and most especially about anything having to do with money. Whatever you see them doing, you probably can’t afford it.

From Maxwell Maltz:There are real limits and self-imposed limits. Self-imposed limits masquerade as real limits. You have to be able to tell the difference and refuse to be governed by false limits. Further, others attempt to impose limits by their opinions. Screw ‘em. Your opinion of you is far more vital than anyone else’s or even everyone else’s.

From Zig Ziglar: Never accept the first or second or third no. And know why you are there and stick to that purpose. Example: “I’ve got their pots ‘n pans in my car and they’ve got my money in their checkbook in the kitchen drawer and I’m here and I ain’t leavin’ until I make the exchange.”

Most people are wandering around, “professional visitors”, no navigational system, no benchmarking. You get what you accept, from others and yourself.

From Jim Rohn: Follow a super successful person around for a week, and there’ll be no mystery; you’ll say: Oh, that’s why he’s so successful – look at all the things he does. (You can tie it to numbers with: “Look at all the things he does that others don’t… and all the things he doesn’t do that everybody else does.”)

From David Ogilvy: Only the direct-response people actually know what they are doing. If it’s not about selling something and it can’t be held accountable for doing so, it’s bullshit. And there is a whole lot of bullshit. Turns out, now with 40+ years’ perspective, people are always putting the same bullshit in new, fancy packages, and most people are endlessly fooled by this. But bullshit by any other name is still bullshit.

I did not fully apply any of these when I first learned about them. If I had, I wouldn’t have wasted time and ruined my health by boozing. I would have handled my money differently sooner. Many things. But I gradually did bring my behavior into sync with these facts. I can, of course, enumerate many other influential facts and principles linked to strategies and methods. But these are the five I figured out first. And just about everything else I’ve learned that’s worth anything links to one of these five.

Now if you’d like me to share the extra revelations I’ve discovered over the last 40+ years of my experience, and take away a few extra principles you can apply to see results faster than ever before, I recommend joining my NO BS Newsletter. Inside, you will find timeless business time-management, sales, and money-making principles.

If you’re not a member yet, you can unlock my “Renegade Millionaire Time Management,” “Brass Balls”, and “Midas Touch For Selling” courses (worth $19,997); all FREE when you get started today.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy

Highly recommend "Renegade Millionaire."

Book im reading now.

You made it all the way down here. Thank you 😀

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