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Lucky's Pet Limo Service

Save yourself some time and worry. Leave it to us
to take care of your pet's needs!

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Hey Fellow Pet Lovers,

I am Peg Buchanan and I have been an animal lover all my life. I started this adventure when I

transported two goats to the local rescue in central Florida. I still transport for the known local rescues

when scheduling permits.


I would love the chance to transport your furry loved ones safely and

comfortably to their destination. USDA-certified ground and Air Nanny services are always available. 

I’ve been driving ambulances and fire trucks for 30 years.


So I’m used to driving with precious cargo and will take the best care of your pet. I take pride in that.

We offer pet delivery locally for appts or long distances for uniting them with their owners. I have taken

dogs from Air cargo in Miami.  We also, transport for servicemen and women getting deployed.

I transported a lady's dog to Canada for her when she could not leave during COVID. We have grown

in business and now offer international transport and shipping. Whatever it takes to offer professional services.

We will deliver your pet safely. We have a great team.

Fill in the short form for a quick estimate. We will get back to you ASAP.

Peg B. (Owner)

(352) 397-7957


We also offer international shipping.
-FAA and FBI background checks cleared-

Pet Transport 101 EBook

Our "Pet Transport 101" EBook is now available for you! You can learn more about our rules and standards for transporting your pet comfortably and safely!

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Beagle Puppy

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