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We are here to answer any questions and concerns you may have and make your pet transportation process as easy as possible. Please review our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) below before filling out our contact form. We find that this will answer your most common questions about our company and transportation process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you smoke in the vehicle?
A. I do not smoke in my vehicle, and no one else is allowed to, either.
Q. Will my pet be the only one in the vehicle?
A. At this time, yes. If that situation comes up, I will have to check for shot records, temperament, and most importantly, make sure that the owners share the ride.
Q. Will my dog be in a carrier or crate?
A. Yes, I have crates of different sizes. Unless they prefer to sit in the front with me and enjoy the journey. The choice is yours.
Q. Are you able to transport people along with the animals?
A. My business insurance does not allow me to transport humans.
Q. When flying small pets, do they go on board with you?
A. Yes, no pets are transported in the cargo hold or overhead bins. This is inhumane to me. If I can’t bring them in a carrier with me, it’s no deal.
Q. Do airlines allow medium or large dogs to fly?
A. At this current time, no. Rules do change frequently. During COVID, I could have brought a llama on board, and they were just glad for the business. Now that business is picking back up. Restrictions have tightened.
Q. Are you licensed and insured?
A. I am licensed and have business insurance as well as commercial auto insurance.
Q. Do you stop for potty breaks on road trips?
A. Of course, we stop for potty breaks, leg stretches, and fresh air.
Q. Do you only transports dogs and cats?
A. I have transported dogs, cats, guinea pigs, an iguana, baby pigs, ducks, goats, and birds. I am not licensed to transport livestock, however.
Q. How do we pay you?
A. I accept credit card payments, Venmo and Zelle. I also email a bill on the day of service. I do not take checks or money orders. Q. Will you send us updates during the trip? A. Yes, I will send updates and pictures. They will be treated like royalty.
Q. Are there any cancellation fees?
A. Cancellation fees will be on a case-by-case basis. If the trip is long and costly, I will ask for a non-refundable deposit to pay for cancellations of bookings should you cancel at the last minute.
Q. Do you really give partial proceeds to animal rescues?
A. Yes, I give time, money, and supplies to local rescues here in Brooksville. We offer discounted transports for our known local rescue organizations as scheduling permits. 

You can check out my Facebook page to follow my journey.
My love for animals is evident.
Feel free to ask any questions not covered.
I understand that every situation is a little different.
Thank you!
- Peg B.