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Boom Boom scary

Welcome to pets' worst holiday. While many of us enjoy our independence, our pets will think the world is ending. Here are a few tips to help them through the weekend.

  • Make sure they have on collars with ID tags. It's too late to get a microchip now. You can put it on the to-do list.

  • Get your dogs plenty of activity in the daytime. Try long walks, swimming, or dog park time. A tired dog is a good dog.

  • Feed your pets early as no one is hungry when they are scared for their life.

  • Give them a nice long walk before sundown to do their business. Keep them inside until the coast is clear.

  • As nighttime approaches, (although they start around here at noon) close the shades or curtains, We usually run the dishwasher or washing machine and turn on the radio or TV.

  • You can give them their favorite chew toy. Most of the time they're too nervous to want it. Maybe a peanut butter stuffed one will keep them occupied.

  • If Benji is going to be part of your outdoor celebration, please keep him out of harm's way. Candles, sparklers, and bonfires will set their tails ablaze.

  • You can give your pets over-the-counter calming chews or CBD oil remedies if your pet is allowed to have them.

  • A thunder shirt is helpful. You can use kid-size t-shirts as a substitute.

  • Get yourself some tea and a good book because you won't be sleeping until they are.

Lastly, please enter July 5th with the same amount of fingers and toes. Best of luck with your fur families. Have a happy and safe weekend.

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