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GPS for Gracie

"Where's Gracie?"

"I let her out back a few minutes ago."

"Well, she's not there, Ahhhhhhh, the dog got loose!"

When your dog gets out or goes missing, you go into panic mode. Yes, they may be chipped and have ID tags on. Sometimes the tags and collars get snagged on something.

Microchips only work when a good-natured person is helping and knows to have them scanned.

I guess that is how they came up with the idea of AirTags. But, there is a better product that doesn't require your cell phone signal. I am not paid by the company. I just think it's a great idea and product.

From their site:

"Airtags use the proximity of iPhones to track objects. If your dog is not within 200ft from an iPhone, the Airtag system won’t be able to find them. Airtags do not have GPS or LTE to function independently. Without an iPhone around they can’t locate anything.

Fi Series 3 uses four positioning satellite constellations - GPS (US), Gallileo (Europe), GLONASS (Russia) and Beidou (China). That’s 78 satellites working to locate your dog within a 6ft radius.

A critical factor in a dog’s recovery is the speed at which you are notified of their escape.

Fi uses proprietary algorithms to detect when your dog escapes and is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified and to recover your dog safely."

There is a monthly fee for tracking that starts at $14.00 per month. There is also a one-time activation fee of $20.00. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has one or another similar product. It seems like it would work well for transporting pets.

Here's the link to their site:

Thank you for reading Lucky's Pet Limo Blog. For first-class door-to-door pet delivery, we are here for you. Air nanny services are available. Stay safe everyone and keep your pets safe.

Peg Buchanan

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