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Pets and Fireworks

Hey everyone. Just putting up a few tips for pets afraid of fireworks. (And owners)

First, let them outside before dark to do their business. Leave them out for a bit and hang with them. Taking them on a long walk is best if possible.

I would be careful letting them back outside until the noises are gone in case stray fireworks or bullets around here, are coming down. Many pets are lost because they were let outside during the fireworks.

If you pre-planned, you may have wee wee pads or a square of turf for them to go on indoors.

Turn on the dishwasher or washing machine for background noise that they are familiar with. Give them a mild sedative.

Some options are:

A. Rescue Remedy drops yellow label. Sold at Walmart,

B. Half of a Benadryl. (If your dog can have it)

C. CBD or CBG oil drops or chews. (Any hemp store)

D. Trazodone - Rx from Vet.

Next, put on the TV or music at a mildly high volume.

Get yourself some headphones if it's stressing you out more.

If your dogs are up to it, you can give them treats. Hopefully, they will associate the noises with good things to follow.

Dogs also feed off our energy. If we are angry or nervous. Then, your dogs will be like. Omg, she’s scared. What’s she scared of? I’m scared too!! You can take a mild sedative yourself like Tea, Wine, or watch a golf match.

If you just act calmly like a normal day, reading, watching TV, or scrolling on your phone and every once in while just say “it’s ok, such a good girl!” Like that. And give them a treat. They will forget the fireworks.

There is really nothing to be afraid of in your own house while fireworks are going off.

If you coddle them and hug them tight like Armageddon is here. Of course they’re gonna be scared. Don’t add your nervous energy to the situation.

Finally, remain calm and not reactive. Stay focused on good background noises. TV on. If they run in to hide, it’s ok. If that’s where they feel safe, leave them be. I have been known to lay in there with them. But I go on my phone like everything’s ok. Because it is!!

They will come back out when it quiets down and want to sit with you because you’re calm and safe.

So, remain calm, they’re gonna be ok. Watch a comedy or cat videos on Tik Tok.

When you pre-plan you are ahead of the game.

Normal families celebrate the holiday. It’s ok. We all did at one time. Your neighbor is not the enemy, It’s ourselves for not planning ahead.

I hope this helps.

Stay safe friends.

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