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Breed Spotlight - Beagle

Yes, the Beagle, America's favorite hound dog. Who doesn't love Snoopy? The Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs in England but here they have transformed into loving family pets. A great companion for kids and other dogs due to their social nature.

They are short-haired and have big floppy ears. The traditional color is tricolor but some other colors seen are mottled (some call blue tick), lemon (light tan and white), and the rare all white with subtle spots of tan. The white tip tails help their owners find them while hunting.

Their noses can get them in trouble as their instincts to follow a scent make them great escape artists. Any beagle owner can show you holes along the fence line where Snoopy has absconded. The same is true when they are on a leash. Their head is down and they're off on a trail.

If you have ever owned a Beagle, you know they can be stubborn. They are otherwise easy to train and pick up on things quickly. They are also food driven if you believe in training that way. You may need some patience and consistency to get your Beagle to follow basic commands without treats. They are used at airports and large events to screen for drugs and explosives. This is proof that they are trainable.

Did we mention the baying? Beagle's favorite method of communication. In hunting dogs, it is done to inform others they are on a scent trail or they have found wounded prey. At home with the family, they can bay when they are sad, when they are hungry, and when they want to go outside. Just try and leave the house with another dog on a leash. We still hear ours howling from around the corner voicing his displeasure. The bark and howl combo is especially ear piercing to experience. They get away with so much due to their level of cuteness.

There's a lot more information as to their lineage and their common health issues. More than this blog can cover. They usually live 10-12 years. They can live longer in a healthy environment. Ours is 13 years old and still howling and stealing food.

**Recently, the Humane Society rescued 4000 beagles from deplorable conditions. They are in the process of vetting and finding homes for them. I made this post to spread awareness and help save a beagle.**

Their Beagle rescue is found here

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

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