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Hero Dog

One night when I was working EMS, we received a call for a man with altered mental status. It was the weekend and it was on Clearwater Beach. So, that covered about half the population down there.

Anyway, we get to the motel and there is a couple visiting from out of town. The man was a diabetic. The wife said they had just arrived a few hours prior and they didn't have a lot of snacks in the room, yet. It appears the man went to sleep without eating enough.

So, In the middle of the night, their dog woke up the wife. She said she shooed her to go lay down but the pup persisted to make sure she got up. It was at that time she noticed her husband was in trouble and called EMS.

We started an IV and gave the man his liquid sugar and he woke up. I, of course, went over to praise Lucy for being such a good girl and alerting the humans. Lucy was a shiny rust-colored Vizsla with the biggest dog smile I had ever seen. I asked the wife if Lucy was trained to recognize diabetic emergencies. She said Lucy has not had any training but they have had her for a few years and she must have learned something.

We made sure they had food and offered to order something for them. I said "how about a steak for Lucy?'" We laughed and went on our way but I will always remember smiling Lucy, the hero.

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