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Moving your pets.

Hey Fur Parents,

Are you relocating this summer?

We offer pet transport that can fit your moving schedule. This will be less stressful on both you and your pets.

Your pets know when things are changing. They see everyone's things being packed up. They get anxious at the unknown. "Where are we going? Are they leaving us?" They are known to take flight at these times. Are they microchipped? Maybe you can keep them safe in a crate with familiar items with owner's scent.

Maybe you can send them ahead of your move or after you get your keys. Whatever works best for your schedule and for the pups' well-being.

They can have a nice car ride with a/c and music and chill time instead of watching the house get packed up. Send a couple days food with them, along with health certificate, shot records, and their favorite blanket, pillow, or toy. Water bowls, snug fitting collar with ID tags, and a leash.

They will need a couple of days to decompress. Let them explore the new sights and smells at their own pace. They may void to mark over an old scent. "This is my house now." Do not scold them, Just, note where the spot is and clean it well. Try to limit the amount of people that come over at first. The dogs do not know who is supposed to be there and who isn't. They may get aggressive at family members, strangers, or kids.

They may not eat much, at first. It will take time for everyone to get back into a routine.

You will get to know the best walking path with the least barking dogs and with the least traffic. Take several routes to let them smell their new surroundings. They will meet new furry friends along the way. Be careful with introductions on the first encounter.

Show them the back yard, walk the fence line, check for holes or breaks. They are known to escape and run away, often to get back to where they were because that was their normal.

With a little patience and a lot of love, everyone will adjust to the new digs. Happy Tails.

Peggy Buchanan

Lucky’s Pet Limo Services LLC

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