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Pet Quiz Time

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Take a break from work and check your pet knowledge.

No cheating- Keep it fun

1. How many species of rabbits are there?

A. 10

B. Over 100

C. 50

D. Around 30

2. Which dog breed has the strongest bite?

A. Chihuahua

B. Pit Bull

C. Cane Corso

D. German Shepherd

3. What is the most popular cat breed worldwide?

A. Persian

B. Siamese

C. Bengal

D. Maine Coon

4. Which dog has the loudest bark?

A. Beagle

B. Basset hound

C. Chihuahua

D. American English Coonhound

5. Which breed of dog is not used for herding?

A. Australian Cattle dog

B. Vizsla

C. Sheepdog

D. Welsh Corgi

Thank you for playing!!

D ,C, B ,D, B

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