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What's it Like

I get asked quite often, "What's it like to transport pets?"

Here's a brief look at what it entails. Get it? entails. Ok, let's go.


-Prepare your vehicle for the size and number of pets you will be taking.

-Check fluids and tires for long trips.

-Water bowl, water, leash, wipes, paper towels, poop bags, carriers, tethers, muzzles.

-Preplan mapping and routes considering traffic the day before.

-Car should be washed with no junk in the back that the pets can get into.

-Cover the seat with a blanket or pet’s favorite bedding.

-Be 10 minutes early and well-groomed. There’s no excuse not to be on time unless you were abducted by aliens. This shows so much disrespect for the clients and makes the company look bad.


-Introduce yourself, know the owner's name and name of pet, show an ID or badge or give a business card.

-Spend a few minutes talking with them about their concerns and any special needs info for the destination. (Write it down for later) (we send follow-up letters and gifts based on this info)

-Obtain any shot records, health certificates, and any other paperwork needed.

-A small amount of the pet's current food should go with them should you be delayed in your travels. (Long trips, weather, holiday traffic)

-Do not give pet treats that they are not accustomed to eating including human food.

-Pet must have a collar or be in a carrier. If you have more than one carrier, they need to be labeled with the pet’s name.

-Absolutely, NO smoking in the vehicle.

-Drive smooth and steady so the animals don’t throw up in your car. Brake ahead of time and try not to take the corners on two wheels.

-Record miles and make sure the dash camera is operable.

-Obey traffic laws. (Stop for school buses and trains, dying is not allowed) You will notify the Company if you receive a citation. You are responsible for paying your own fines.

-Notify the company immediately if there’s an accident or vehicle contact. Get out of harm's way. Pull to the side if possible. Call 911 for assistance if needed. Give the company the location, and time, and take pictures if safe to do so.

-If the car’s air or heat is inoperable, remove animals to a cool/warm place until we can send a vehicle for you.

-The same thing for mechanical issues, notify the company as soon as possible and move pets to a safe area.

Upon destination.

-Make sure you identify the recipient as the proper person for meet up with. (Sometimes you have very expensive animals and we want to insure the identity) The right house, the right Veterinarian, the right shot clinic, the right daycare. Human error can occur with wrong numbers and addresses even after verification.

-Turn over all pets belongings, paperwork, and food. Take a picture of the person you turned the dog over to and get the full name and signature.

-Leave behind business cards or info (sometimes for the return trip) and thank them for choosing our Company for transport services.

So, that is the short version of it. Minus the actual driving and safety measures. If you're interested in being part of our growing team, let me know.


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